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Trimble Real Estate Support Changes FAQs

Customer Support Update FAQ’s:

The FAQs are to provide answers to frequently asked questions related to our new Customer Support changes.

1) Where is my data being stored?

Your data and instance of your software remains in the same AWS location as it is today. 

  • For US clients your instance(s) remain in the US

  • For UK/EU clients your instance(s) remain in the UK

  • For AU clients in AU your instance(s) remain in AU

2) As a result of these changes what changes are expected to our Service Level Agreement?

Service Level Agreements will remain unchanged, including no changes to hours of service.

3) Can we specify what country we want support to be provided by?

The goal of our support organization is to provide our clients with timely comprehensive solutions to issues they may encounter in using our solutions. In order to enable the best support experience to our customers we are co-locating out Tier One Support with our engineering team.  Having the support and engineering teams in the same location will speed-up communication and result in faster resolution of complex support issues. Our support hours will remain unchanged and we are confident our customers will ultimately receive a superior level of support. 

4) I have been corresponding with specific members of the support staff that are no longer part of your organization. How has that knowledge been transferred and how will I be supported going forward for specific open cases?

We fully appreciate that many of our customers have developed a level of comfort in working with specific Customer Support members who are no longer part of Trimble. The new tiered support structure ensures that tickets get assigned to resources who are best able to address open cases more quickly, leading to faster resolution times.  

With regards to knowledge transfer, as part of the onboarding process, our support teams go through thorough training on our products and client use cases. 

5) How are you complying with the EU guidelines for data transfers; and, in particular, for transfers to the U.S. in light of the Schrems II decision?

  • Trimble had relied on the Privacy Shield for transfers to the U.S. In light of Schrems-II, Trimble will rely on Data Processing Agreements and the Standard Contractual Clauses for transfers to both India and the U.S.

  • Trimble will also comply with any additional safeguards the commission may require.

  • Most EU companies are in a wait-and-see mode and not currently issuing new DPA’s or SCCs. Our privacy counsel will determine the timing of when we follow up with DPA’s and SCC’s and will be in touch as soon as we get direction.

  • Trimble will execute Data Transfer Agreements among the Trimble entities involved, Trimble Inc. (U.S.), Trimble Europe B.V. (The Netherlands), Trimble UK Limited (U.K.) and Trimble Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Pune, India).

6) What data privacy compliance measures are in place?

Trimble Real Estate, as a processor, complies with Data Protection regulation in the following ways:

  • has an information security policy supported by appropriate technical and organizational measures for security.

  • has an appropriate data protection policy.

  • has documented what personal data is held, where it came from, who it is shared with and what we do with it.

  • only processes data on the documented instructions of a controller and there is a written contract setting out the respective responsibilities and liabilities of the controller and Trimble Real Estate.

  • has sought prior written authorisation from the data controller before engaging the services of a sub-processor.

  • has effective processes to identify and report any personal data breaches to the controller.

  • has a process to respond to a controller's request for information (following an individual’s request to access their personal data).

  • has processes to ensure that the personal data held remains accurate and up to date.

  • has a process to routinely and securely dispose of personal data that is no longer required, in line with the agreed timescales stated in your contract with the controller.

  • has an appointed Data Protection Officer. 

  • provides data protection awareness training for all staff. 

  • has procedures to respond to a controller's request to suppress the processing of specific personal data.

  • can respond to a request from the controller to supply the personal data processed in an electronic format.

7) Please provide more information on the international data transfer. What happens to the data that is copied or accessed from support outside of our region. Where will our data eventually be stored?

The purpose of the international data transfer is to allow the provision of support from the US, UK and India. 

For SaaS Customers, a Customer Support team member (wherever located) may view, copy and/or store customer data to an equivalent protected environment within the customer’s current AWS location. 

For on premise software support, a Customer Support team member will work within the constraints set by the customer to resolve issues. Once the issue is resolved, the team member will promptly delete any data that has been copied as a result of support activities.

Customer data will at all times be treated as highly confidential information and data security controls apply to all support locations.

8) What are (and AREN’T) we consenting to by signing Trimble’s letter?

By signing the consent letter you are agreeing:

  • You are agreeing that Trimble may use Trimble entities and contractors located in the U.S., UK, and India to provide support services. This access may entail the support team member in these locations accessing and copying your data, if and as necessary, to troubleshoot a support ticket that you submit to Trimble.

  • The consent does not allow access for any other reason.

  • The consent does not allow Trimble to store/host your data outside of your region.

  • The consent allows Trimble to share your data as described, but does not otherwise impact Trimble’s obligation regarding your confidential information under the terms of your agreement with Trimble.

9) What business decisions led to you moving Tier 1 support to India?

  • The primary reason for moving our Tier 1 support to India is to co-locate our Tier 1 support with our development team for faster resolution time and more complete solutions.

  • Additionally we are globalizing our support function.

10) With support being provided in part from your India team, what measures have Trimble taken to safeguard our data?

  • Our Trimble India team are subject to the same policies and controls and operates from an ISO 27001 location. All our team members go through a thorough background check and go through Data Privacy training and Information Security training on an annual basis.

  • All staff that work in our India operations are employees of Trimble.

  • No local copies of your instance/data will be made outside of the region your production instance is hosted from.

Attached are the slides from the Webinar meetings Trimble presented. 



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