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Changes to the way we communicate

Dear Customers,

At Trimble, customer success is our top priority. With that in mind, we are notifying you of upcoming changes in the way we communicate with you.  

What is the change in announcements?

  • We are moving all notifications and announcements for support and maintenance to our support portal.  This will allow you as a customer to opt in to what you would like to be notified about and give you immediate access to information we publish. 

  • We are changing our email addresses for all Production Support. Currently we have multiple email addresses for support and across all our platforms. As part of our efforts to standardize on best practices as discussed in our recent support announcements and webinars we will be changing the way we interact through email. 

What action must I take?

Announcement Changes 

In order to accept the new announcements you will have to login to the portal by clicking here, click the Discussions icon 

and select which Forum you would like to follow, click on Announcements and then click the Follow button 

You will need to do this for all Forums you wish to be notified about. 

For our CenterStone Customers, we are updating our Patch Notes Forum with the latest Patch Notes today, please follow the instructions above to Follow future announcements and check out the latest notes. 

Email Changes

The following email addresses will no longer be in use and or monitored by support. Any communication with Support needs to be through the Support Portal, adding additional comments to existing cases or raising new cases or you can email support@rewssupport.freshdesk.com which will create a case automatically. 

Email Addresses no longer in use: 





I would like to thank you all for your support during our transition. If you have any questions about these changes or would like assistance in turning on notifications please get in contact. 

Thank You,

Trimble Real Estate Support, Client Services

Global Support Portal -http://realestate.trimble.com/en-am/services/client-support

Following a request to be able to forward the announcement to others team members who can't access the portal we have attached a PDF version that can be downloaded. 


Hi Gary, we follow the patch notifications forum but don't get any email notifications. We have a ticket open for this but not had any updates from MRI since May. Are other customers receiving email notifications when following these forums?


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