1. Configure Database Server:
2. Open Enterprise Manager
3. Expand Management
4. Right Click SQL Server Agent
5. Click Properties
6. Click Job System Tab
7. Uncheck "Only users with SysAdmin privileges can execute CmdExec and ActiveScripting job steps
8. Click Reset Proxy Account Button
9. Enter an admin Windows Username and Password
10. Restart SQL Server Agent

Configure XML Tools:
1. Unzip Tools
2. Share the ec1XML Folder to Everyone with Full Access
3. Create Import and Mapping Files as Normal
4. Create a Batch File Using the Shared Path for ALL Entries Calling Other Files (ex: \\\ec1xml\tab_delim_import_offline http://appserver4.centerstonesoft.com support@centerstonesoft.com Dy2Lgeah Rockefeller \\\ec1xml\hr_import.txt \\\ec1xml\hrimport.xml)
5. Create SQL Command
6. Log Into the Database
7. Click Setup
8. Click General
9. Click SQL Commands
10. Click New
11. Type a Name for the Command
12. In the SQL Code Box, Enter the Command and Path to the Share (ex: exec master.dbo.xp_cmdshell '\\\ec1xml\hrimport.bat')
13. Click Save
14. Contact Technical Support or Web Ops to Approve the Command
15. Double Click the Command
16. Click Execute Now