There are cases where the DHSMail service can drop connection to the SQL Server instance hosting the DHS database. In these situations, the DHSMail service may report a General network error as seen below:

 [DBNETLIB][ConnectionRead (recv()).]General network error. Check your network documentation. 

Another sign of the DHSMail service losing connectivity to the SQL Server instance would be the following exception message:

Exception fetching mail tasks: Error opening stored procedure 'MAILTASKS':
Stored procedure 'MAILTASKS':
Connection failure

Should either of these messages be reported, please check the current state of your SQL Server instance and that your Manhattan Datacraft SQL user (dhsdbo as standard) is able to connect to and query the DHS database. Loss of connectivity is typically due to server maintenance. Once connectivity/access to the DHS database has been confirmed, a restart of the DHSMail service will reinstate the connection to the DHS database.