In order to update the MAC Color By / Layer State you will need to follow the steps below.

Required Permissions:
CS Access (with the ability to create Layer States)
DB Access (Read/Write Access)
Diagnostics Access

Important Note:
These instructions are designed for updating both Color By and Layer Set for the MAC. If you don't want to change the Color By, ignore step 4.

1. Create a new Layer State that you would like to see the in the MAC.

2. In the database run the following SQL and note the adminsetting_id with a settingCode of 'thin_client_std_layerset'.

Select * from adminsetting

NOTE: In the examples below, the adminsetting_id is 9.

3. Next do a search in the CADLayerSet table for the layer set that you created. Then assign the adminsetting value.
NOTE: In the example below the CADLayerSet_ID was 36.

update adminsetting set settingvalue = 36 where adminsetting_id = 9

4. Set the colorby table value to the new value that is needed.
NOTE: For the example below I am trying to set this to Space Function.

update colorby set colorby_default = 0 where colorby_default = 1

update colorby set colorby_default = 1 where colorBy_name = 'Space Function'

5. Next, you will want to find the path for the DWG files. Run the following SQL.

Select policy_DWGFolderPath from policy

6. Go to the File server and find the location of the delete all *.SER files from the directory. Then in the image_cache subdirectory, delete all *.GIF files.

7. Reset Statics

8. In the app, open up a drawing from the MAC – the new colorby appears.