When adding composite rooms, there are several points that you need to keep in mind. 

These points are as follows: Room Number, Layout, Subordinate Rooms. 


Room Number

-The room number must be unique from the other room numbers that already exists. Hence the composite room would not be created. 



-When creating a composite room, the composite room must at least contain one default room layout. (eg. Boardroom, Theatre, etc) 


Subordinate Rooms

-These are the existing individual rooms that you want to add in the composite rooms.

  • Do's: The rooms must be the individual rooms and not the existing composite rooms. (eg. Individual Rooms: Room1, Room 2, Room 3)
  • Don'ts: You should not add an existing composite room to a new composite room as this might cause a problem with the room bookings. (eg. Composite Rooms: Room1-3, Room 4-6)

 Please find attached file for the steps on how to add a new composite room.