Technical Tip1: Moves: Suggestions for pushes, order, drawings and apply to As Built

By Leonard Layne 9/4/2009

The following Technical Tip1 is intended to serve as an aide to those who use Multiple Moves.
Version: CenterStone 7.1 SP3

RECOMMENDATION: Assign one person who manages all Move Order Pushes and Applies to As Built. That person should either initiate those actions themselves or know what is going on when it is occurring.

1. Do not Push a Move Order while an Apply to As Built is in progress.

2. Make sure all drawings that have been checked out have been checked back in prior to processing moves. Or perform Undo Check Out prior to processing moves.

3.a. Always do the initial push IN ORDER. In other words, the first push for any move order needs to be done before the first push for any subsequent move order.

3.b. Once that is done, out of order pushes can occur as often as you wish. The process needs to be carefully managed*

4. In no case should drawings be checked out from any Move that is associated with Move Orders. Any changes you attempt to make by checking out drawings,
modifying them, and checking them back in will conflict with the operation of the Move Order Push process.

EXAMPLE of orderly activity

1. Push MO-59 to Phase 0807- - - Apply Move Phase 0807 to As Built
2. Push MO-60 to Move Phase 0814 - - - Apply Move Phase 0814 to As Built
3. Push MO-61 to Move Phase 0821 - - - Apply Move Phase 0821 to As Built
4. Push MO-62 to Move Phase 0828 - - - Apply Move Phase 0828 to As Built

Note: Always do the initial push IN ORDER.