QBSheduler service not working
1.       The first indication the QBSheduler is not working is shown when we enter Advanced Reports at the top.  A red bar will be displayed showing
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 The scheduled job screen should also highlight jobs in red indicating a job has tried to run but has failed.  (In AR\Scheduling\Scheduled Job Maintenance)
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2.       The next thing to look at is the QBScheduler service.  Restart it and see if this solves the issue.  If after a restart the message below is displayed, the issue points to the QBScheduler configuration.

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3.       Inspect the path in the QBScheduler details.
·         Open windows services
·         Right click the QBScheduler in question and select properties
·         Copy the “path to executable” field to a text editor (e.g. notepad or Editplus)
The item in the field is a long value but it is broken down here so we can explain each part:
This is the path to PHP executable, check path exists and php.exe is there.
 -d include_path points to Advanced Reports libraries, check the path exists for each and is in the correct QB folder version (highlighted in blue).
-d include_path=.;d:\atrium\advanced_reports\qb_3.0.6.34\lib;
d:\atrium\advanced_reports\ qb_3.0.6.34\lib\fpdf;
Check the file path of scheduler_winsvc.php and check the config_file value exists within the xml_config folder.  This must also exist in the correct QB folder version.  Check the name of scheduler service.
 D:\atrium\advanced_reports\ qb_3.0.6.34\scheduler_winsvc.php run QBSchedulerCLIENTNAME config_file=qb_clientname.xml
4.       If some of the paths are incorrect we must delete the QBScheduler service and reinstall it and then start it.
·         Delete the windows service
Ø  Open the command prompt, run as administrator
Ø  In CMD Type:    sc delete QBSchedulerCLIENTNAME
·         Install the new QBScheduler
Ø  Update the file paths below, check the QB version folder and rename QBSchedulerCLIENTNAME service
Ø  In CMD Type:    D:\atrium\advanced_reports\php54\php.exe -d include_path=.;d:\atrium\advanced_reports\qb_3.0.6.34\lib;d:\atrium\advanced_reports\qb_3.0.6.34\lib\fpdf;d:\atrium\advanced_reports\php\pear D:\atrium\advanced_reports\qb_3.0.6.34\scheduler_winsvc.php install QBSchedulerCLIENTNAME config_file=qb_clientname.xml sched_file=sched.xml
·         Start QBScheduler
Ø  Find the QBScheduler in Windows services and start it.
  • sched.xml file also sits in the xml_config folder the same as the qb_clientname.xml file.
  • This will not distrub any jobs within AR.