The R&R Error: Cannot execute Viewer EXE: error code 2 message generally occurs when the C:\Windows\RSW.ini file has an invalid ProgDir32= entry that does not point to the correct location that the Arpeggio report viewer software was installed to on the machine. If the machine is running 64-bit Windows, the directory is likely to require updating from "C:\Program Files\Liveware Publishing\" to "Program Files (x86)" within this string. You can confirm whether or not the specified directory is correct by navigating to it and locating the rswrun.exe application. It is this application which Global Hospitality Suite runs to generate the reports.

An example of how the RSW.ini file should be populated can be seen below:

Export1=Excel PivotTable, RRXTAB.DLL
Export2=Excel Chart, RRXCHART.DLL

ProgDir32=C:\Program Files (x86)\Liveware Publishing\
TemplateDir=C:\Program Files (x86)\Liveware Publishing\