Log into the planning system, enter Development Control and click the map icon (it looks like a globe).  The maps portion of the screen will show no maps is available



Query result

2)  Copy the GIS_MV_SERVER_ADDRESS without ‘/omserver’ at the end and paste it into a new browser.

If you see the Oracle page login page, this indicates MapViewer is working and a restart is not necessary.

3)  Log into MapViewer username – ‘oc4jadmin’ or 'weblogic' (Depending on where it is deployed) and add password – standard dba password (ask if you don’t know)

4)  Click ‘Datasources’ link on the left menu.


Under ‘Existing data sources’, there should be a list of data sources as shown in the picture above.
No data here would indicate a config issue.

5)  Click the ‘Configuration’ link on the left menu
6)  Click once in the config page area and press ‘Ctrl +END’ to  navigate to the bottom of the page
7)  At the very bottom and not in the code add a space then click the ‘Save & Restart’ button.  
Please notice the position of the cursor in the picture.  It is not in the code area.

MapViewer config page

8)  Click the Datasources’ link on the left menu

You should now see a list of data sources under ‘Existing data sources’.

9)  Go back to the Atriumplanning application and see if you can see a map.