The export and import functionality on CenterStone was designed to increase your ability to update and report on the data that lives inside CenterStone. Below are some questions and answers that might help you get through this export task.

1) How do you export data from CenterStone?

Step 1: First, you have to be on the tab from which you want to export data from. For example, if you want to export HR information, click on the tab labeled “HR”.

Step 2: Go to Record, click and choose the “export” function. A smaller box will appear, this is so that you can choose what type of export associated with HR you want to make and to identify a location where you want to save the exported file.

• Format : choose tab or comma delimited
• Include headers: this setting allows you to see the column headers for the data that you are exporting

Step 3: Hit "Ok" and you will get a message stating that your export was succesful.

2) What is the correct way to open the text file in Excel after you’ve exported some records?

Step 1: Open an excel spreadsheet

• Go to “File” and then choose OPEN function.
• Search for the file you just exported out of CenterStone.
• Make sure that in the Files of Type option you have “All files” chosen
• Hit the OPEN button

Step 2: Run through the Excel Text Import Wizard.

• Within the Wizard, choose tab delimited and hit next
• Choose Tab and hit next
• Select all your rows and columns and select text and then hit Finish

The Excel file will open with the data that you exported from CenterStone.

3) Why go through the Excel data wizard when you can double-click on the text file and open directly with Excel?

Opening the file directly with Excel may cause you to loose any leading zeros your data might have. For example, on HR, if your employee number are 0001009 without using the data wizard they will read as 1009.