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Using departments/divisions that are not based on hierarchy

I am trying to see if anyone who uses Manhattan/Centerstone has a non-hierarchy bases Department/Division structure. I know at present MH does not support this so I am wondering if anyone has done a work around. 

Hi James.  We did not have a stand alone Dept/SubDiv/Division hierarchy by itself.  Multiple combinations of different values could apply to different workers (HR records in CtrStn).  Are we talking about the same thing?  Related to Business Unit imports?

I suggested a solution, refined it with the CtrStn team standing us up...ultimately THEY made it work. 2014 or so.

If I recall, it had to do with...using the HR import to identify all combinations...using the HR records themselves to identify the changing hierarchy. 
I pointed it out in Excel, filters/pivots. 
What they did from there behind the scenes, I could not say.   

I can say that I have a few crazy concatenated fields because of it, really long and seemingly nonsensical to the untrained eye.  And I know simply not to mess with them.   :-)  It worked for the mandatory Business Unit hierarchal import piece which we needed to establish in order for anything to work.  I was glad, still am.

Sorry the long reply, but tomorrow/Fri 27th is my last day on the job with Veritas.  Thought I'd get as much in as possible here.  
If I'm completely off track w/ your inquiry, apologies!    If it sounds anything close...perhaps someone MRI can take a look for you.

Good luck James!



Thanks for the reply. This sounds like a similar situation that we are dealing with. Do you by chance know who you worked with at Centerstone to set this up. If not I can ask them to see how it was setup with Veritas. Please let me know and good with your new endeavor.


Hi James.  Gosh, not sure I remember exact names now.  Liz was awesome. Last name began with a C?    :-)   We were splitting off from Symantec at the time, this system I manage today is with Veritas Software.
Surely someone can look it up today, you are right.

Thanks the well-wishes.

Best regards,


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