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Patch Notes 2017

in PRODDelivery Date: 12/18/2017

Custom Search - Improve performance for Human Resource searches that include UDA's

Dashboards - Provide accurate results for currently logged-in users

Imports - Fixed issue with Business Unit Imports when the Business Unit Name contains special characters

Reports - Added Building Name filter to BOMA Report classification

Reports - Fixed error running Work Order Console report

Space Versioning - Fixed issue where extra space version records were created when changing Business Units, resulting in poor performance

User Defined Classifications - No longer show duplicate entries in nested UDC's

in PRODDelivery Date: 12/8/2017

Data Access Rules - Fixed an issue where users with read-only access to HR's could incorrectly edit HR's

Maintenance Programs - Fixed "file not found" issue while opening a document

Space Scheduling Integration - Allow spaces in Flex Zones to be reservable

Work Orders - Allow users to print up to 100 procedures at a time

in PRODDelivery Date: 12/1/2017

Corporate Mapping UI - Fixed floor plan legend display and printing

Corporate Mapping - Use latitude/longitude setting instead of building address when loading map

Floor Plan Viewer - Improve floor plan load performance

Floor Plan Viewer - Zoom to extents when opening floor plan

Imports - Support large import files

MAC - Allow assignment to spaces with zero capacity when policy is enabled

MAC Preview - Show space numbers on the floor plan

Manhattan Tree - Fixed clickthrough for Space Modules such as Corporate Mapping and MAC

in PRODDelivery Date: 11/22/2017

Imports - provide user friendly error messages instead of Java errors

Space Custom Search - correctly display Business Unit information for non-shared spaces

UDA entry - corrected an issue when typing into a UDA field

Work Order custom search - improved performance

in PRODDelivery Date: 11/17/2017

Corporate Mapping - modified the branding bar in the core version to correctly display customer logos

Light Work Order UI - for the core version, in the location section of the new request form, correctly display the floor number instead of the floor name

MAC Move Orders - fixed a problem when adding a Move Order after adding or deleting UDA's

Reports - HR Space Assignments classification - Show HR Names

Work Order custom search now includes 'Location Name' in filter and result columns

Work Order emails - fixed an issue where Work Order emails were not getting generated

Zone Import - Fixed to allow the "Is Sublet Zone" and "Sublease Rentable" fields to be imported to Zones

in PRODDelivery Date: 11/9/2017

Corrected the data displayed in the Service Request Console Work Order tab

Fixed an issue with Building console updates to Date UDA fields

Fixed loading documents in Asset Documents console

Fixed the display of End Dates in Space Version Report

Fixed the display of UDA values in Space console

Help - Include the SP1 Release Notes In Help Content

MAC - Fixed an error when pushing a Move Order to As Built

in PRODDelivery Date: 11/3/2017

Allow users to Search in Find Dropdown using Number Pad

Corrected behavior in Work Order Contacts Data Access Rules to allow the user to see only Work Order Vendors in a particular region

Corrected MAC dashboard to list all records after clicking refresh to account for records created in concurrent user sessions.

Fixed imports related to Single Asset Definition

Fixed issue with search results filters in Corporate Mapping UI

Fixed Move Order Push To As Built when space capacity is exceeded

Fixed Printing of Work Orders

Fixed Space Sharing Export to return sharing data

in PRODDelivery Date: 10/27/2017

Buildings dropdown in Mobile Work Order should only list As Built records.

Modified the drawing to show all HR UDA labels for each HR assigned to the space when labels are turned on.

Streamlined the amount of error messages being written to the log files related to User Logins.

Work Order search functionality now excludes the indirect structural units assignments (based on an admin setting)